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wedding photography!

(bet no one thought i was going to talk about this AND be excited about it)

so every week we are going to have new guest lectures come in and speak to our class. this week, Andy Marcus (photographer in ny) and Justin & Mary Marantz (couple photographers in CT)  came in. Both are wedding photographers and have very different from each other.

Andy Marcus (
i really enjoyed looking at his photography. the work he (along with his company) does is really nice. i feel like we got a little short changed at the presentation though because now that i have looked at his website and have seen more photos, i can definitely see why someone would choose him to be their wedding photographer.  his work just has that classic feel to it and some of the images on his site are very pretty.

Justin & Mary Marantz (
i would definitelyyyyyyy recommend them to anyone i knew that was getting married. they were SO much fun and definitely my style of photography. they have also completely changed my views on wedding photography. im actually getting ready to send them a thank you note letting them know how much i appreciated them coming to Hallmark and speaking with us. haha and if they ever happen to stumble on my blog well... things might sounds a bit repeated in the letter but i do mean everything. anyways, before attending Hallmark, i would constantly say how much i DIDNT want to be a wedding photographer. i always thought each wedding had one photographer and every style seemed to be the same as well. (you know, that weird diagonal shot.... OF EVERYTHING. its fine once in a while but not OF EVERYTHING) then i got to Hallmark and it seemed like they would constantly talk about wedding photog. well, the more and more i hear about it, the more and more im considering it as a part time thing. i will still never shoot a wedding by myself. (at least in this point in time.. who knows what will happen in the future) 

alright well.... i suggest you take a look at both sites and yeah.. i gotta go


Mom said...

Are you sure your my daughter?! You swore you'd never do weddings!! I'm glad you're coming around, though, cause I think you'd take some awesome and unusual pics!

Hope you got some good shots in CT. Say "Hey" to Amy & Richard!