One, Seven

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sorry for lack of updates recently but school is SO insane right now. our phase 3 portfolios are due this monday, we JUST turned in our career business plans (aka what we're doing for the rest of our lives) yesterday, and we have 20 min speeches due on the 27th.



maybe not.

either way... life is so hectic, i havent a chance to call anyone to say hi. havent had a proper two meals (sometimes that number is lower) in a day since who knows when, and sleep? hahah we wont talk about that. and on top of all this, people keep saying its going to snow in a few days AND i feel like im getting sick. which is why im forcing myself to go to bed in about two minutes. the only reason im home right now is because i just got done modeling for someone but if i didnt... then yeah, id definitely be at school right now probably til 1am. and thats only because they kick us out at that time. bahhhh. all i really have to say is that im not complaining about any of this, im not saying all this is super amazing either but life is life and you just have to deal with what you get. theres no reason to complain because in the end, you still have to move forward and why go on complaining when you can have more fun being happy. 

(hmm i should start taking my own advice)

well yeah... hope all is good with everyone everywhere =)


Rob said...

You can pull through this Jacquie. Its tough, but of everyone I know you are the one person who won't be defeated by this. Keep up the great work and I know you will gain so much in the end. Good Luck with Phase 3, hope to hear from you when things are no so hectic.