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GO TAKE A LOOK, just uploaded a few things from my phase 3 portfolio.
stuff that im REALLY happy about. =)

the cd that i made (CLICK) is probably one of my favorite things ive done so far at hallmark. idk... im thinking that maybe i could do this for a while, cuz the first time we had to make cds i had SO much fun with that too. and it combinds pretty much everything that i like... photography, music,  graphic design, could be fashion if thats the kind of photos im taking. so yeah, im really proud of my cd i made.

the glassware (CLICK) didnt take me super long to do. i was looking for something for a while and as soon as i saw that thing i knew right away. beauty and the beast popped into my head. and its SO awesome because everyone that has seen it says something about it and ive told one person, so its cool that the concept you are trying to portray gets across so clearly. ha and i think it pretty sweet because it looks like the flower is floating.

reflective metal (CLICK), it took me such a long time to look for something metal. i had NO ideas in mind and everything that i saw was either "eh..." or not my style at all. i mean seriously, why would i want to light silverware or tools...? boooooring and yuck! but i thought this came out pretty decent.

outdoor portrait (CLICK) this was definitely a spur of the moment shot. didnt even plan on shooting that night but a friend asked me if i wanted to go with like an hr before she left & and im really glad i went. when i first uploaded and looked at all my shots though, i wasnt sure if i got anything that i really liked but then i kept messing with them and i ended up with this one which im super happy about. 

high key female (CLICK) got the mask at pier one, which i thought was odd because i never thought they would have stuff like that there. (btw, that place is awwwwesome & id love to shoot directly for them) i was SO excited when i saw it too, ive been wanting a mask like that forever now and i knew i was going to shoot my highkey when i got it. this shot it a lot simpler than what i had wanted to do but i still love it. and i definitely want to shoot it again with another model, maybe someone completely opposite just to see what it looks like. i have an idea in mind and if i could pull it off, which im going to do, its going to look amazing. i already have the perfect model in mind.. all i need is an outfit.

PR & alternative shot (CLICK b&w version) <-- only uploaded the alternative because well, PR shots are boringgggg! theres this photo of Patrick Wolf holding a bird cage that ive always liked, (not just because its PW but just in general.. i like the shot) so thats kind of what i where i was going with this one.  this is the one that i actually submitted because since it had to be in color.

thats it for now. and yes, this is what ive been doing for the past two months and this is what has been taking up my time and hrs.  hope you enjoy them.


Mom said...

Totally enjoyed them! I've said it before and I'll say it again, "You are VERY talented!" You're doing amazing work, Jac! That's what life's all about: finding something you're good at and enjoy doing and then making a living out of it! Keep up the awesome work!