Three, three

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my birthday was on sunday. & ive been sick since friday. awesome.

anyways,  birthday day was alright, i went out to lunch with my roommates (amy & richard) and they bought me lunch. i couldn't finish the second half of my sandwich because my throat hurt so much. so after that we went to the store and i got a BIG tub of cake ice cream, and it helped, a tiny bit. then i sat at home all day surfing the interwebs. again. awesome. birthday night was a lot better though. around 8 i went to applebee's for dinner with a few of my friends. (jude, travis, sarah & bryan) it was delicious... but i couldn't finish it because my throat hurt. yes, this is how its been all day and night for me everyday since friday pretty much. i just want food, or a drink.! or to swallow normal! arg! .......going on, after the restaurant we went back to judes place and hung out for a little bit. after about 15 minutes of just hanging out jude & sara come out of the kitchen with a cake singing happy birthday. =) and they drew a zebra on it with frosting! hah my friends are the besttttt!!! i dont think ive ever gotten so many birthday wishes on my birthday before. this place is pretty amazing. 

so yes, my birthday was fun thanks to my lovely friends.

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