Two, three

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phase three has officially ended.

spring break was pretty great.

(went to philly for three days with indi where i went to the magic gardens and papa roach growled at me. (popular band in case you didnt know), we got lost in new jersey for about 4 hours on the way home, went through the penn turnpike 4 times and stopped for direction 4ish times. FINALLY found a kmart and bought a whole lot of goodies (aka chocolate), and also never went to ny like we planned as well. but we came up with a BRILLIANT career plan that will help our photography. so in the end my LAST EVER spring break was a fun success.)

and now... phase four begins.

today we got 28 assignments.

if i ever thought for a moment that i was busy before.... HA



Mom said...


Good luck with those and glad you two had a good spring break. What happened to assisting someone? Did that fall through? Anyway, I'm glad you guys have a career plan. I'd love to hear it sometime. You know I'm always interested in your photography plans.

Try to stay rested and healthy! Luvya!