Four, one

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been busy, but thats not new.

um.... ive done maybe 4 of my 28ish assignments, have 3 already done from last phase that i dont need to reshoot and have 4 maybe 6 lined up at the moment. and sooooo so many ideas. so if you ask me, i think im in good shape. could be better but eh, you can always improve on everything.

so to sum it up..
7/28 done.. 21 to go

also, ive chosen imaging arts as my main focus for my portfolio.

you could have chosen from imaging arts, portrait/wedding, commercial/tabletop, or comprehensive (which is a little of everything) everything i know and love and taken me to the most "artsy" path... of course. lol

oh and i forgot to mention.... on my APS assignment.
(Addition Personal Submissions... this is where we had to submit 8 photos of WHATEVER it was that we wanted to do. pretty much there were no guidlines) and i got perfect score!! its exciting!


Mom said...

EXCELLENT!!! But then, I knew how talented you were all along! Keep up the wonderful work!